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Lessons are not the beasts of yesteryear

It’s no longer enough to simply drill students with worksheets or practice tests.

Lessons have to have it all: be fun and interesting without sacrificing content knowledge, differentiated to different skill levels and learning modes, and effectively executed with a good, thorough assessment.

Lesson planning doesn’t have to be painful

We can help. Our professional development is efficient and practical. We hate wasted time, and we promise to only give you what has been tested and proven

Professional Development must be useful and relevant.

Professional development should be an investment in teacher skill and student learning, not a burden on precious teacher time.

With that in mind, we have workshops, sessions, and seminars for both veteran teachers and newcomers. We will help you create plans and practice techniques to reach all students, be they aces in need of enrichment or struggling learners in need of help.

Results, plain and simple.

We take a comprehensive approach to all our client schools and teachers: extensive lesson and assessment material coupled with interactive seminars, so that teachers will have no uncertainties or lingering questions.

Let’s face it: curriculum documents can be daunting. But they shouldn’t be an obstacle to lesson planning. Our comprehensive sessions can help you decipher these labyrinthine documents, and decide how, what, and where to teach.

When teachers are happy and efficient, everyone wins.

Boost student achievement and engagement. Lower teacher stress and wasted time.

Take back your weekends.