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STEM Detective provides targeted content and instructional coaching, model lessons and full and half day trainings centered around lesson planning, robotics, coding, data analysis, strategic planning, customizing assessments to fit your students’ needs, engineering design, science lab support. Teacher knowledge and skills levels directly impact students learning and success. Let STEM Detective help your teachers build capacity across several content areas and pedagogical strands through our high yield development offerings. We equip teachers with practical instructional and assessment tools and strategies that they can implement right away to engage their students in the learning process.

Engineering Design Challenges

Come explore the way engineers do their work by engaging in and learning how to use engineering design challenges that employ the Engineering Design Loop to help students master STEM content. Participant will also learn how to hone collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity amongst their students by engaging them in these design challenges in the classroom.

STEM Laboratory Support

Wondering how to start or effectively utilize your STEM lab at your campus? Not sure how to get started with a STEM lab program at your campus? During this session participants will learn how to seamlessly integrate and utilize their STEM lab program to provide opportunities for students to apply their content knowledge from STEM disciplines while sharpening their creativity and innovation and bringing relevance to their learning.